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art work

Throughout my career I have engaged with visual arts practices in conjuction with my dance-making, particularly in the area of costume design and installation collaborations in site speceific performance contexts.

In recent years I have returned to a more rigorous practice of drawing, painting and design concepts that both relate to my movement practice, but also develop along separate trajectories.

Spontaneous drawing of moving  bodies is often an integral part of my art and dance making creative process - a way for me to capture ‘in the moment’ translations of my visual and kinesthetic perceptions of bodies in motion, like creating a kind of map of movement in time and space. My dance drawings often directly inform my choreographic process, and some develop into larger paintings, rendering them into more concrete, abstract images. 


My most recent paintings explore surface, space, color and texture, informed by my sensory and perceptual responses to moving within transient environements, climates and landsacpes. 

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