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Walk With Me - March 7, 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Images and words from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

walking through a muted blue-gray puffy wet duvet world

porous padding


and soft feather down shielding the sky from the sun

who waits in the wings

just peaking a sliver of its vermilion orb under the covers in the final moments

staining the space between

releasing an inky glow like diluted raspberry tea through a loosely quilted sky at dusk

a beach streaked and strewn with the ocean’s daily remains

randomly deposited


remnants and off cuts

traces and tracks

grainy markings like animal skins

lost and stranded deep water rejects

littered here and there according to the reach and spill of incoming surf

waiting for the next high tide to sweep them away

out into the belly of the ocean

waves splutter and spit on the rocky shore

I drop into each step

like a stone falling into the depths

building a rhythm of falling

forwards and on . . . into . . . . through . . . . between

ahead and behind

whole body at once absorbed into it all

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1 Comment

Charles Reeder
Charles Reeder
Mar 10, 2021

Love it!

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