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Walk With Me - April 10, 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Images and words from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

There’s a bounce underfoot

warm earth pulsing through bones

the rhythm of levity

an upward and forward springiness propelling the body onward

through wafting scents of fresh green

new growth exploding

subtle fragrances mingling

Immersed in this cyclic organicity of birth and decay

I imagine the world seen through the eyes of tiny creatures

butterflies, bees, bugs and birds

the magnificence of infinitesimal architectures inside a tiny petal

a new leaf

a green needle

a tangled thread

interwoven into this infinite tapestry we call nature

Seeing the microscopic structure within a blade of grass

a spiral shell

an opening bud

multiplying in endless variations

bursting through the dry, crisp, fragile textures of decomposition

disintegrating layers of life cycles come and gone

Mammoth trees cast their skeletal shadows

hovering over the earth

listening to echoes of deep roots spreading under the surface

interconnecting and communing within their complex underground web

weaving secret pathways of messages

known only to these monumental beings

and yet

there is a sense of all knowing

in all of it

as one

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