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Walk With Me - November 12, 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

The Edge

What is it that draws me to the edge

over and over

like a thread pulling me from my center?

the clean line where water meets sky

where certainty and mystery converse

the shapeshifting dance of ocean and land

constantly in motion

the creative process of these two great beasts

sculpting the shoreline

a game of negotiation

push and pull

each giving way to the other

for space to breathe

in cyclical rhythms

stone, shell and weed


and relocated repeatedly

appearing and disappearing as waves go about their work

rearranging compositions of beach life

the gulls that commune

in nightly ritual

flap and flock in warm glow

balance upon their neat reflections

the magic of seeing double

the world upside-down

talking back through mirrors of wet, glassy sand

silhouettes of fleetingly lived moments

captured inside randomly shaped pools

scattered across the shore

like miniature lakes on a lonely planet

and their guardians




upon the surface

dodging obstacles and watery holes

the choreography of clouds

that only long stretches of time will compose

slow dances of transitory forms

shaped by light and shadow

and the master of it all

illuminating the world with brilliant rays

painting the sky with mesmerizing murals of vibrant color

sweeping brush strokes streaming across the distant edge

each night

a new expression of solar emotion

then taking all down

into the night.

Gulls Gathering.

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