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works: 2013 - 2015

The Mapping Games ( part 1) - 2013 -2014

An IMAGOmoves production in collaboration with dancers Alison Dietterle Smith, Sadie Weinberg and Heather Glabe, sound designer Splash Yang and lighting designer Gwickyoung Ko. Over an accumulative practice over time, this collaboration  explred the merge between  embodied maps of personal territories, presence and absence of others in our living spaces, and the open fields of shared, impersonal arenas. This production was made up of two parts; Navigating Absence was a solo performed by Yolande Snaith, interacting with an empty chair that housed a sound sensor. The sound design was triggered by my hand gestures and movements as I played spontaneously with a choreographic ‘ mapping of memory and sensation.' In this dance with sound and space 'otherness' and absence played a major role. 


The second part; Homing was a trio that explored a marriage between 'domestic ordinariness' of movement and behavior and the ingrained patterning of the technically trained dancer’s body. In Homing each dancer created their own choreographic maps derived from familiar environments and personal identities. These maps served as a kind of choreographic ‘climbing frame’ to ‘play’ on in different ways, by applying a range if sensory focusses and modes of awareness. This allowed for malleability, modulation, variation, expansion and contraction of the movement material. There was a set score but no fixed way of performing the choreography and each performance was different. The choreography evolved collaboratively as the dancers made spontaneous choices within a field of codified possibilities and perceptual connectivity.

The Mapping Games (part 1) was  an IMAGOmoves productions presented as part of the UCSD Department of Theatre and Dance’s Dance Series in early May 2014, with post show discussions after each show. A site-specific adaptation of this piece was presented at the Encinitas Library at the end of May 2014.




The mapping Games (part 2) -  SOMA/LUX  (2015)


SOMA/LUX, a multimedia installation performnace, poetically navigating embodied and imagined journeys of sensory exploration, within a visceral, visual and sonic field of fluctuating states, light, shadow, opacity and transparency. This collaboration featured San Diego dancers Anne Gehman, Gina Bolles Sorensen, Kyle Sorensen, Angel Acuña, Andromeda Bradley, and Kris Apple, production designer Victoria Petrovich, lighting designer Omar Ramos, with music by Kris Apple with Andromeda Bradley.


An IMAGOmoves production presented at WHITE BOX LIVE ARTS, San Diego, October 2015. 





IF (2014) 


IF was a collaboration between Yolande Snaith, Katie Duck, Liam Clancy and Alicia Peterson Baskel, with music composed by Alfredo Genovesi and lighting design by Dolly Zhao, presented as the second half of ‘IMAGOmoves presents Katie Duck and Guests’, a UCSD Department of Theatre and Dance’s Dance Series event.  IF explores spontaneous dance making in juxtaposition, conjunction and interaction with objects, to create visual and movement compositions that are resonant with layers of associative readings. Through an accumulative practice over several rehearsals the group built a history of images, events, and spatial architectures together, creating a shared sense of transformative ‘story-ness’

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