Mapping Invisibility

Mapping Invisibility was a collaboration between dance makers Yolande Snaith, Kyle Sorensen, Gina Bolles Sorensen, and composer / musician Kristopher Apple, created during an artist's residency at the City Heights Performance Annex, San Diego, in May 2018. Under the artistic direction of Yolande Snaith, this work collectively evolved a system of mapping choices and behaviors in response to changing space and perceptions between performers and objects, with systems of signals built into the sound design, text and music.

An IMAGOmoves production.

Out Of The Ether

Out Of The Ether was a collaboration with LITVAKdance and composer / musician Kristopher Apple. Directed by Yolande Snaith and choreographed collaboratively with dancers; Ashley Akhavan, Josh Dunn, Beverley Johnson, Berlin Lovio, Lemoe Mataitusi, Traci Mcknight, April Tra, Korey Van Hoy and Sadie Weinberg. Commissioned by LITVAKdance and performed as part of the company's inaugural spring concert 2018 at UC San Diego, and as part of a double bill with Mapping Invisibility at City Heights Performance Annex, San Diego, in May 2018.

Together these two works explored current questions and areas of reaearch into creative dance practices:

" As a dance maker I am curious about the mystery of how creative material arises, and from where, whilst also embracing the histories and lineages etched into every cell of the dancers' bodies. I become increasingly drawn to elements that emerge seemingly and surprisingly from nowhere . . . . out of the ether". Yolande Snaith