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“I’m hooked from the first image…a step through the looking glass” 

Financial Times, London, UK

“one of our most original, even visionary artists …a true winner” 

Time Out, London, UK

"The movement is a marvel of contrasts, a single gesture mixing delicacy and sharper edges" 

Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

"Snaith offers the pleasures of deeply explored ideas and a rich movement lexicon" 

Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune 2009

"This full evening program is also edgy and layered, and she's assembled some of San Diego's favorite dancers" 

Kris Eitland,

Yolande Snaith is a British choreographer whose particular interpretation of the post-modern fairy-tale embraces the magical, the sinister, the ambiguous: but all, often, strangely connecting with our contemporary life" Rachel Duerden, The Dancing Times 2002

 “She is a mistress of mystery who conjures riddles that can be answered in drama and dance” 

Evening Standard, London, UK

“A true original, she is absolutely ground breaking” 

Stanley Kubrick

"She's choreographed for film and creates dances like a filmmaker or painter.'Hanging in the Balance' was pure Snaith in that it grew in intensity and played visual tricks with lighting and sharp contrasts" 

Kris Eitland,

Snaith is an arch manipulator of scale, a shape shifter, a theatre  poet. She and her collaborators create extraordinary sounds and images . . .”

The Observer, UK

"She is, it could be said, the Lewis Carroll of choreography; creating magical and multi-faceted wonderlands out of intellectually diverse and challenging material. Snaith’s sources and themes are indeed varied and often erudite; she has drawn her ideas from literature, history, philosophy, sociology. The assimilation of idea and image is of central importance, and is something in which she is especially skilled"

Rachel Duerden, The Dancing Times 2002

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