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Walk With Me - October 25, Del Mar

Words and imgaes from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

An un-sunset at Del Mar dog beach. The great master of illumination was obscured by dense layers of cloud, and only a fine thread of golden light drew a line along the horizon, defining the meeting point between ocean and sky. I had few words as I wandered, suspended in this open, spacious seascape, but was struck by the synchronicity between what I had been reading about Celtic spirituality earlier that day, and the thin ribbon of golden light streaming along the sharp edge of the world.

Alexander John Scott (1805 - 66) “used the image of royal garments woven through with golden thread to speak of the relationship between the divine and the human within us. In nineteenth century Britain, royal state attire was still threaded with a filament of gold. If the golden thread was taken out of the garment, the whole garment will unravel. So it is, said Scott, with the interweaving of the divine in the human. If somehow it were taken out of us, we would cease to exist” (John Philip Newell)

With the tide way out and few people around on this overcast day, I felt just like the lone dog running free in the vastness, or the solo bird chasing the tide line back and forth, feeling the gravitational pull of the tide, and my body to the earth, and a powerful sense of connection to the mystery of the universe. I wondered if when the thread of gold disappeared and darkness descended, would the garment of my world unravel? Would I cease to exist?

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