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Walk With Me - March 2, 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Images and words from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

On this crystal clear evening, not a hint of the impending rain storm that muddied the skies and drenched the earth throughout the following day

like turning a page in the universe

a sudden chill putting the world to bed for a day

for rest and rejuvenation

much needed

as I followed the fluctuations of the tideline, staying close to the waters edge, the unfiltered sunlight brought every detail into sharp focus

a single strand of seaweed drifting astray

a shadow cast by the smallest stone

imprints of those who have walked before me

the footprints of tiny feet, paws and claws

the patterned stamps of giant soles

undulations in the surface of the sand that echo the ocean currents

tiny pockmarks in the sand, perhaps indentations of surf bubbles

seeing these traces of what has been and gone

I walk

imagining the past in front of me and the future behind me

and the liquid nature of the present moment radiating out from my center in all directions

like dropping a pebble into a pond

and watching the circular ripples expanding out in continuous cycles

nothing is linear

past present and future merge into oneness

I see the monumental bones of dinosaurs and whales emerging out of the waves

I see an alternate world in the mapping of shadows

I see water become glass, become metal, become oil, become motion and energy

I see fire and ice in the sky

I see and feel the flow of transformation in panoramic magnificence as the way finds its way through to night.

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