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Walk With Me - November 21, 2022

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Five Gulls (a bird-play)

We landed in unison, lining up with the wavering edge of surf,

cooling our feet in the shallows and tuning in with the changing light, and the rhythm of the tide.

“Where next?" asked Gail

“West looks inviting tonight” I replied

“Too hot, I will singe my feathers” said Gregory

“North is calling me” said Gillian

"aah but those jet black clouds up there may swallow us alive” said Gideon

“South then”, suggested I, “those soft pink fleeces will carry us along in comfort”.

“Oh but I fear that I may be soothed to sleep and plummet down into the ocean” said Gideon.

“But you are ways afraid of something, wherever we go” said Geoffrey

“East then, where the sky is clear tonight” said Gail

“But we just came from there” said I

“Well let’s just stay a while and enjoy the sunset” said Gail

“That’s what we always do said Gillian, Geoffrey, Gideon and me all together.

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