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Walk With Me - November 2, 2022

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Slow Sun

Tonight I take it slow

discard my skimpy garments

watch them float forwards and sideways

in seamless thread bare, mis-shaped pieces

I see the shore on the other side

sand scalloped by waves that bulge and swell out of line

ocean body over full after the storm

I take my time descending

keeping the world in suspense

hovering timelessly

perhaps testing the water with my chin

hovering again

before immersing myself

in smooth even timing

I soak mid fall

in the ice cold water

pausing in my half moon seated position

on the horizon

meditating on the events of the day

before releasing my whole self down into the blue-black

my light defusing and glowing in a broad band

following the sharp edge of the globe

disheveled loose ends of today’s outfit smolder and shrink

falling in line

along on an invisible seam

randomly piecing together

a long sleeve

to be a re-attached

in the morning

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