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Walk With Me - Cambria, June 2021

Words and images form my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Deserted Shore

Take me to a deserted shore

Where I may lose myself in the sound waves

The push and pull of an emotional ocean

Follow its turbulent moods

Feel its violent tempers and calm interludes

May I wander through its creation and destruction

Sift through the spread of gifts and discards from its deep water life cycles

Laid bare to the heat of the sun

Salty breeze and swarms of little black flies

May my ancestors come to me

And together may we gather wood and weed

To build shelter in the ancient ways

With our bare hands

Old and young

Plant these long, sturdy bones

And mindfully play at leaning . . .supporting . . .balancing

. . .weaving . . .linking . . .cradling . . . lacing. . . hanging . . .decorating

Sculpting shady spaces out of space

May we pass this time lovingly in daily communal ritual and play

Taking it slow

A simple way of being

Building . . .resting . . .bathing . . .moving . . .gazing. . . offering

. . .listening . . .drifting . . .sounding . . .reflecting

No need to speak

A retreat from the abrasive rush of modern times.

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