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Walk With Me - February 1, 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Images and words from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

On this overcast, dull first day of February, I had little expectation of a spectacular sunset! The gulls were gathering, waiting and looking out across the ocean, as they so often do at sun down, and a window of space opened up between the horizon and the vast blanket of cloud, inviting a last minute event. The sun struggled to show its face, but managed to paint an extraordinary and unexpected skyscape, like orange juice and the skin of a goldfish, projecting a misty glow of deep pink onto the expanse of gray. Flowing to the north, like liquid silk, a beautiful stream of soft gray - purple -pink - orange - blue, extending into infinity, echoed by its reflection in the glassy beach. Unusual currents in the ocean created lines, ridges and folds, that seemed to defy the gravitational pull of the tide, creating clearly defined shapes in the shallow water. It was pure poetry of the elements.

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