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Walk With Me - Henley-Upon-Thames / May 2021

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Words and images form my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

walking again

at last

embraced by enveloping hills, valleys and forests of many shades of green

the pleasant land of England

walked upon

over and over

treading the paths of ancestors and wild creatures

layers of history

lineages of my true home land

traversing these landscapes of Gainsburough and Constable

marveling at their cloud filled skies

so artfully composed

clouds that dress the sky with majestic canopies and drapes

sweeping over hilltops, swooping down into the dips

hanging heavily over rows of trees that perch on the horizon

so diminished in scale under their immensity

these great trees

towering into the realms of light and flight

their multitudinous limbs and fingers dancing through the sky


tangling and whispering

inviting our feathered friends to nest and perch

and fury beings to climb and scramble in playful abandon

floating carpets of bluebells

weave through spaces between and around the feet of trees

blanketing the damp earth

their purply-blue hue hovering just above the forest floor

seeping through me as I tread carefully

delicate bell petals lightly brushing my ankles

their vibrant wash of color permeating my being

I pace along well worn trails

breathing in the earthy scent of mulching leaves and moss

following these lines of desire

stepping into layers of footprints

sensing those who have embedded their contemplations



wonders and gratitudes

exhaled their burdens

and found renewal

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