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Walk With Me - March 12, 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Images and words from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

a kaleidoscopic panorama of elemental magnificence

the sun stretching out is arms

with voluminous sleeves of lace and linen fluff

a majestic baroque costume commanding the skies with a sweeping gesture

as the sun bows its head

its wings of gunpowder puffs and tarred feathers

take on an airborne heaviness

tainted gray threads whisper away from floating masses

out into the blue

a procession of purple-gray cloud creatures perform their march of salutations

a choreography of pomp and puff

along the distant water’s edge

one behind another

a trio of beached seaweed echo the dance of the wave that delivered them

with a swish of tails

following the angle of the surf’s retreat

resting listlessly

wrung out

exhausted from their deep water expedition of tossing, sweeping, whirling and thrashing

emerging out of the black volume of a cloud

a skein of birds ascend like a delicate necklace of dark petals

floating effortlessly

arching and angling their pathway through the ether

a line of musical notes singing a sky song

riding the air waves in harmony with the ocean currents far below

as the sky is drained of the streams of warm sunset hues

the ocean settles down into an easy rhythm of come and go

gently lapping the surface of the turning earth

lulling the world to sleep

black weighted clouds that seemingly defy the laws of gravity

hang motionless in the sky

organized according to a spatial hierarchy

ballooning and diminishing along the trajectory of perspective

taking up their ordained positions for the night

perhaps to mysteriously vanish by dawn


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