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Walk With Me - March 29, 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Images and words from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.


Slithers of a mermaid’s tail etched into sand

traces of a slippery retreat

back to her deep water home of legends and myth

She was here


resting her scaly body between rock folds

bathing in shallow salt water pools

tasting the warm light of a sun hanging low beneath the clouds

frolicking in surf bubbles

finding shade under the bearded beast of a cliff

nourishing her skin with furry green algae and the touch of smooth rounds of stone

rolling and stretching and kneading her feminine form against the earth

creating soft voluptuous imprints

leaving remnants of hair

tangled with strands of sea plants, shells and tiny creatures

A stranded sea-Cinderella

on a rare visit to an alien realm

land and sky

mindful to make it home before the sun sinks like a glowing pumpkin

swallowed up by an ocean feasting on its day

This nightly ritual

witnessed by portly gulls

guarding the sky's mottled reflection

proudly policing their patch

and the silent eyes of miniature monuments

left by man

children of the rocks

strange little rituals balanced in honor of the great god of fire and light.

holding this sacred space until high tide sweeps everything away

cleaning the slate for a new day

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