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Walk With Me - February 28, 2021

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Images and words from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

with warm vibrations of the oncoming spring in the air

only a whisper of a cloud

a sky wide open to welcome new life

scattered randomly on the shiny glaze of the sky’s reflection

tonight’s beach lovers gather to watch the sun take its leave

taking its vanishing as a cue to exit

another day is done

there is an intense force at play in the turning tide

a visceral push and pull that moves simultaneously back and forth and side to side

multiple cross currents seem to battle, slice through and undercut each other

creating movement like shark fins racing sideways underneath the surface of rolling waves

then all currents merge into the body of a whale that folds into itself

tiny Sandpipers scurry to and fro with the cycles of the waves

water drags against stones and pebbles to create an intricate tapestry of sharp, triangular patterns

continuously forming and dissolving



redefining momentary geometries

as this radiant universe marvels in its own lucid reflection

a hungry ocean licks its sandy lips over and over

eating up the land as the tide swells inward with the descending darkness

this glorious language of light and illusion unfolds in all directions at once

expanding into infinity

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