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Walk With Me - My Seal Pup, Cambria, June 2021

Words and images form my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

My Seal Pup

A distant figure

Sitting on the rocks

Softened by thick ocean fog

Turned towards me

And was transformed in an instant

Or had my eyes deceived me?

An Elephant Seal pup

Elevated on his perch

Surveying his turbulent water world

We plummeted down together

Into a primordial moment of intimacy

Alone with each other

In a time-warp

An ancient realm of sea myths and fairytales

And there we dwelled

In this misty, wet underworld

Me in adoration of my beloved seal pup

As if mesmerized by some mystical god

I, creeping silently closer

My seal pup stretching his neck towards the clouds

His spine twisting and extending

Spiraling around through the core of his blubbery mass

Stopping to gaze at me with his gentle, innocent eyes

Like a child looking lovingly at his mother

Before slipping back into the foaming waves

I knew that he was there

Waiting for me

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