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Walk With Me - Carmel, October 30 / 3, 2021

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Walking by the ocean during a brief weekend away in this beautiful place was so nurturing to body, mind and spirit. Clouds and mists hovered on the horizon, or quilted the sky with fluffy cotton balls. Mammoth heaps and tangles of ropey seaweeds basked on the sand like beached wales, or disintegrated into rugs of multicolored fragments, accumulating and floating in the shallow tides. Day times were clear, with sharp sunlight glistening on the ocean's surface, and illuminating the multitudes of shades, colors and textures of deep water plant life, drying in the sun. At dusk, the setting sun seeped through the layers of white and grey in trickles and streaks of yellow and gold, glowing through the soft, pastel, darkening skyscape.

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