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Walk With Me - Golden Hour, October 2022

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Golden Hour

it is the Golden Hour

we are facing North

this time





equidistantly positioned

as if standing to attention

until lift off sweeps us upward

in a spontaneous chaotic flurry

of unsynchronized flapping

and within moments

soaring out and away into the yellow-amber expanse of glowing space

dispersing into scattered flocks

of tiny black wing shaped silhouettes

taken by the collective mind

that is our nature

navigating freedom

that is our nature

we fly into the light

swallowed up by the blinding glare

of a sun feasting on its last meal of the day

and there she stands

the witness

with no choice but to surrender

to her earthbound stillness

watching in awe

soaking in this ecstatic illusion

stealing moments to treasure

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