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Walk With Me - Grey Days, May 2022

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Grey Days.

these grey days

sad days

surrender to monotonous dullness

soak in letting go

float in the waiting space

no expectations

no premonitions

welcome fragments of past joys

as they surface

and seep into this tired old heart

walk through pale fog

these well worn tracks become clear life lines

into unknown futures

drink in gentleness

wade through slow tides

willing feet

skin hardened like aging bark

bones rooting down

drinking in earths goodness

spine balancing tall like pine



pace patiently

through the all pervasive mist

invite restfulness


let time work it’s subtle work

let change flow with ancient wisdom

be the bridge between what is lost

and what is yet to be born

wander curiously

become the unknown

welcome undoing

be undone

dress in nothingness

like living dreamless sleep

walking awake yet suspended in emptiness

but there is always the heart

beating the walking

just being


heart and breath is all

let go into heart-breath

trust in the universal law of unfolding future

be carried by the cycles of deeep time

fog will rise

air will clear the path forward

heart will lead the way

all sensations



branching out

absorbing light

feeding back in

nourishing the inner core with hope

notice nature’s gifts shining

the magic of tiny creatures

the bee feeding on the flower

a wisp of a shrub clinging to life

through a crack in the dry rock

succulent fat leaves blanketing the sand

the music of birds

trust in life’s will to live

the eternal flame never dies

walk on through the loss

carry all that has been lived

with care

held within the cellular fabric of being

dance through past life felt



all that was lived with love is never lost but carried forward through love lived

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