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Walk With Me - in black and white

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Images and words from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Seeing the world from the depths of grief

eyes blind to life’s color

scanning the spectrum of shades between dark pewter and cloud white

stark polarities of form and space

fullness and emptiness

light and shadow

life and death laid out for all to see

Mother earth’s cries of grief lie just beneath the surface of forms


for a break in the heart

to flow out on a roaring wave

a wailing stream

into the deep wells of sorrow

Filtered vision brings what is lost into focus

seeing absence

of vibrancy



the bare simplicity of duality

a reductionist world

drained of life’s sweet juices

speaking the language of loss

the soul of a world in mourning

But there can be magic

when sand is transformed to glistening surfaces of white light

dissolving into nebulous shapes of nothingness

liquid mirrors of deception

Clear cut shapes of life’s creations

clean lines that hug the edges of forms and weave intricate patterns

dancing through the endless trajectories of space

drawing the world into an alternate reality

where light and shadow playfully negotiate their place on the surface of matter as it slowly turns

Eyes search the air spaces of modulating densities

moistures and mists coagulating

monochromatic dimensions of endlessness wash across the canvas

stroking the smooth terrains, sharp corners and grainy textures

senses seek out the deep pits of darkness

follow undulating pathways of shades of grey

fly up and out into windows and vistas of light

open spaces for imagining

and time for reflection

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