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Walk With Me - January 8, 2022, Del Mar Dog Beach, CA

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Muted Sunset

feeling a little shy tonight

I fluff and muffle myself over with cloudy down

duck beneath my covers and let my fingers tentatively reach out with glowing tips

restrained embers

sending smokey feathered brush strokes up into the greatness

and wispy white streaks of my day remembered

I listen to the ocean beneath me

carrying on it’s rhythmic dance

neither calm or tempestuous

emotionally reasonable

I may peak out now and then

to watch the Saturday evening beach walkers be soothed

the dogs chase the tide

and have their way with the waves

I will snooze down and softly release a muted glow

like peach, orange and raspberry smoothie spilling sideways

streaming north before taking my leave.

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