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Walk With Me - Lyme, Connecticut, July 2021

Words and images form my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.


this land

the pulsing heart of green

one pigment of green that brightens or dulls in sunlight or shade

a green-scape

as if the clouds burst open and released their ink wells

raining everything green

saturating the forests and fields uniformly

the green of long lush grass

marsh reeds and young bracken

miles and miles of forest

I follow endlessly long trajectories through this jungle of trees and vines

until I reach an edge

an opening into boggy marsh

reed fields

clear space and still water

where Kingfishers swoop and dive

but no way to cross

I meet no one

I glimpse a grey fox dashing across my path

then swallowed up by the green

squirrels scamper high and low

mosquitos dance around my head furiously

little white butterflies flit and flutter with no time to spare

busy living their short lives

with the occasional large exotic specimen stealing my eyes with its dazzling colors

I hear the sudden rush of a deer's hooves deep in the thick undergrowth

as it senses my approach

too fast to catch a peak

but I see its tracks along the dampened path

and I know its nestling in the web of brambles and vines

staying safe and feeding on green

a bright flower here

a ripe berry there

tiny splashes of color overwhelmed by the magnitude of this vast green canvas

and always the birds

chirping and squawking their spatial tapestry of song-sounds

weaving through the matrix of branches and leaves

circling up and out into open sky

then descending back down through the thickets to land on some hidden perch

I walk and sing

bellowing out my made up verses

without a care

sending words from this human heart to my feathered friends

to carry away to some maybe-other world

my winged messages taking flight

up and away from this greenness

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