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Walk With Me - October 31, 2022

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Halloween Sky

I had planned to stay home tonight

and turn out the lights

the coward in me

needing to hide from garish miniature super heroes

synthetic monster costumes

black and orange inflatable spiders and grimacing pumpkin lanterns

no treats at my door

trick me

I’ll take my chances

but then

the clouds teased me

with their quick changes of face

their feathery dances and whispering sweeps across the blue

and I had a feeling

that tonight there would be magic

the ocean shoreline beckoned me

and there you were

just emerging through your purply-blue cloak

like raspberry ripple

melting into blueberry cheesecake ice-cream

it was a true halloween sun set

masterminded by the trickster

tie dying the clouds with fuchsia, tangerine and gold

bleeding into the creases in a mauve cyclorama

cool tones of lavender, gray, white, and blue

orchestrating theatrical murals of colored light across the sky

the orb of the sun obscured

its glow reflected in mirrors of vermillion

blood shot streams flooding the sand

rivers of deep rouge and rose

merging into the body of the ocean

shimmering through the salty white lacework

on the waters surface

this fantastical ocean scape

almost burns my eyes

like a radical Andy Warhol fluorescent photo

defying any compliance with nature

magnified beyond measure

the sun’s heart beat

streaming across the screen

like electrical currents on acid

scarlet red and orange smoke

clinging to the underside of cloud ribbons

edges of frothing waves below

slicing across the scene

in cool white frilly lines and woolly bands

until the last streaks of light drain down

below the distant edge

and heavy storm clouds descend

the world has been tricked

and treated tonight

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