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Walk With We - January 17, 2022, Moonlight Beach, CA

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Words and images from my walks and interactions with nature and the environment.

Tucked In

I fold my radiant wings away

hide myself behind a canopy of fluff and wadding

a bulging mass of padded eiderdowns

glimmers of retreating rays seep through smoky clumps of cloudiness

all in misty shades of gray

charcoal, granite, slate

platinum, ash, battleship-blue

silver, gunmetal and pewter tones

I blast my skies with explosions of dense moisture matter

yellow and white light leaking through crevices and cracks

between nebulous folds

I tuck my colors in

saving them for another night

weary from a day of shapeshifting weather moods

spells of weeping

soft sprinkles of rain tears

clear blue breathing intermittently

tonight I dress myself in my fish skin

let my scales sparkle

reflected in my ocean’s face

rippling across the globe

final glows of the day oozing out through splitting seams in my flesh

tears in my pearly skin

escaping into monochrome fields of space-water-rock-wind-cloud

all elements negotiating their roles within my vast tapestry

tribes of gulls may wait and watch

skeins of pelicans may swoop and dive

plummet down into my thrashing waves

dance in delicate necklaces above me

sail on my ocean breeze

and fly on into the night

as I lay my head down

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